Secrets of Scorpio Moon Phase Astrological Horoscope

Scorpio Moon

Moon Astrology

With the Moon’s entry into  Scorpio Moon Traits last Saturday until Tuesday, 20, Scorpio energy was already introduced to us. It is useful to keep track of the Moon’s position throughout the zodiac because it frequently serves as an unconscious motivator for our behavior. Moon astrology helps us become more aware of these internal cues and our constantly shifting emotional tides. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet we track in astrology, traversing the entire zodiac in just one month.

We may develop greater compassion for ourselves and a more relaxed attitude toward their ongoing changes when we experience the turmoil of those inner feelings as they go through the monthly changes. Often, the only thing you can do is feel what needs to be felt and bring your full awareness to it. Only then will we have the opportunity to move forward and reorient our thoughts and feelings. 

Moon in Scorpio 

We will have a propensity to view the world through the lenses of duality, extremes, and polarities when the Moon is in this position. We need to be in charge of those around us because we want things done our way. We have a propensity for using force, coercion, and open pushiness to achieve our ideals. The Moon is not in a position of interest in the other person’s position or of compromise. This is frequently a time for fervent, moral action.

Scorpio Has Depth and Charisma

Scorpio Moon

Scorpio is a feminine water sign, and Pluto, the planet, rules the 8th House of Death & Regeneration. Scorpios are strong, intense, complex, and have a hint of the shadow side. The stinging tail of the Scorpio Moon Traits, which can be used for either positive or negative purposes, represents the energy of Scorpio. Scorpios’ intensity, charisma, mystique, and energy are very alluring to people.

Scorpios are very interested in learning more about what lies beneath the surface of things because Pluto rules the underworld. They don’t stop until they have discovered the truth about a situation. They are tenacious in their pursuit of their objectives and perfectionists.

They enjoy digging deep, but they also like to keep their true selves hidden and secret. It can be challenging to discern their true intentions and plans. In addition to having a deep side, they also have a strong intuition and a good understanding of people and situations, which makes them excellent strategists. Scorpios are devoted, protective, and fiercely loyal in relationships, but they can also be possessive and envious.

Scorpio’s co-ruler is Mars. 

Only Mars was attributed to Scorpio Moon Traitsprior to the discovery of Pluto. In mythology, Mars is the fierce warrior. Mars is a symbol for our aggression, determination, focus, life force energy, sexual drive, and creative energy.

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